Gimp-Print 4.2.3, released October 19, 2002, is a stable release in
the Gimp-Print 4.2 series.

Gimp-Print is a suite of printer drivers that may be used with most
common UNIX print spooling systems, including CUPS, lpr, LPRng, or
others.  These drivers provide high quality printing for UNIX
(including Macintosh OS X 10.2 and newer) and Linux systems in many
cases equal to or better than proprietary vendor-supplied drivers, and
can be used for many of the most demanding printing tasks.

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers, including Foomatic data.

The Gimp Print plugin requires the Gimp 1.2.

The CUPS driver requires CUPS 1.1.9 or higher.  1.1.14 or above is
highly recommended, as certain translation-related bugs are fixed and
it is possible to print true CMYK.

The Ghostscript driver requires GNU Ghostscript 5.10, 5.50, 6.51, or any
later GNU Ghostscript release based on 6.51 (e. g. 6.52).  It may also
be used with GNU Ghostscript 7.05, or with ESP Ghostscript 7.05.

The IJS GhostScript plugin driver requires GNU Ghostscript 6.53 or
later, ESP Ghostscript 7.05 or later, or APFL GhostScript 7.04 or

Users of Macintosh OS X 10.2 and above can use this package, as the
printing system is based on CUPS, which is supported by Gimp-print.
Note that Macintosh OS X 10.0 and 10.1 (including 10.1.5) cannot use
this package.  We recommend that Macintosh OS X users download the
precompiled installer package from
rather than attempt to build this package from source, as using the
installer is much simpler.  We further recommend that Macintosh OS X
users install ESP GhostScript, to permit printing from Carbon
applications (such as most Adobe applications) that generate
PostScript rather than PDF output.  Directions for that are also
available at

Please read the README file for full instructions on installing this

Gimp-Print 4.2.3 contains the following major changes over Gimp-Print

* Major Bugs Fixed:

  1) (bug 604854) The Epson Stylus Color 600, 800, 850, 1520, and 3000
     did not print correctly at 1440x720 DPI (much too dark).  These
     printers now print correctly.

  2) (bugs 620016 and 619992) Two problems with the IJS driver have
     been fixed.  The first problem is that the IJS driver did not
     print correctly in grayscale or monochrome; the second is that a
     spurious fine line was printed at the very top of each page.

  3) (bug 613384) The Epson Stylus Pro 7600 and 9600 did not print at
     all.  While this printer is not fully tuned, it now prints

  4) (bug 621667) Very large prints (longer than about 40" long) on
     Epson Stylus Pro printers were not printed correctly; the print
     is typically chopped into many small pieces.

  5) (bug 615561) The Epson Stylus Color 480 and 580, and C20, C40,
     C41, and C42 (all variants) did not print in black and white or
     grayscale.  This was a regression in 4.2.2.

  6) (bug 611804) The CUPS driver did not compile correctly on many
     platforms other than Linux (this was known to be an issue on
     Solaris and BSD).  This was a regression in 4.2.2.

* New Functionality:

  1) The native CUPS driver now accepts custom paper sizes with
     printers that permit this (all Epson printers, and most others).
     To use this on the lp or lpr command line, use

     -o PageSize=Custom.300x400

     where 300 and 400 should be replaced by the width and height of
     the page in 1/72" units.

     The width and height can also be specified in inches ("in"), cm,
     or mm.  For example, for 4.5x7.5-inch paper you can specify:

     -o PageSize=Custom.4.5x7.5in

     On Macintosh OS X, custom page sizes may be defined and selected
     through the Print Manager.

  2) The Foomatic interface now accepts custom paper sizes with
     Foomatic 2.0.1.

     This works with all spoolers.  Here are sample command lines for
     all spoolers, for CUPS the syntax is the same as with the native
     CUPS drivers of GIMP-Print and units are again points ("pt" or
     nothing), inches ("in"), cm, and mm:

        CUPS: lpr -o PageSize=Custom.500x750mm
        LPRng: lpr -Z PageSize=Custom.500x750mm
        GNUlpr: lpr -o PageSize=Custom.500x750mm
        LPD: lpr -JPageSize=Custom.500x750mm
        PPR: ppr -F "*PageSize Custom" -i 500x750mm
        PDQ: pdq -oPageSize_Custom -aPageWidth=500
                 -aPageHeight=750 -oPageSizeUnit_mm
        No spooler: directomatic -o PageSize=Custom.500x750mm

     This works with both the GhostScript "stp" and the IJS interface
     of GIMP-Print.

  3) A Japanese translation has been added.

  4) This release contains an ijsgimpprint package for Debian.

The following bugs have been fixed in Gimp-Print 4.2.3:

604854 QUALITY-Epson 1520 and 3000 print too dark at 1440x720 DPI
611804 rastertoprinter.c fails to compile on Solaris
613384 Epson 7600 no printing
615561 Epson C40UX cannot print in B&W and Gray
615759 360x240 bad horizontal position
619992 IJS driver prints spurious first line
620016 IJS driver does not print properly in monochrome
621667 Very large prints on Epson 9500 fail
622612 CUPS driver forbids custom page sizes

The following bugs are open against Gimp-Print 4.2.3:

409612 Minor positioning prob on 4x6 glossy
538097 QUALITY-Poor quality printing on Canon s400
549677 Incorrect scaling on Canon BJC-1000
557868 QUALITY-Washed out color under Gimp on HP560c
581168 BJC 250 just spits out pages
601767 Mac OS X: Canon BJC 2100 does not print multiple pages
602933 QUALITY-Poor quality on Canon S800
603702 QUALITY-HP LaserJet 5L print is too light
613054 Printing from InDesign 2.0 on OS 10.2.1
614882 QUALITY - Problems with CANON BJC-55 - Gimp-Print
619299 QUALITY - brightness adjustment problem
619537 QUALITY - Poor quality w/ Lexmark OprtaE+ & pcl-4
621668 Full bleed prints have slight margin
625602 QUALITY Pale output on Stylus Pro 7500
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