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Hi all,

10498  Marching Ants die untimely deaths
    This has been around for yonks - anyone want to look at it?

I look at it from time to time -- I keep track of all my beasty bug children.
This depends on GTK 1.2 Bug #32617 being fixed (gdk_pointer_grab() Behaves
Differently for X Input Events), and apparently that is not going to be done for the
1.2 series (See Owen Taylor's Additional Comment for this item)
It has been moved to resolution in the GTK 2.0 series, but I presume, being that
it is still open, (moved to milestone 2.0.3) that a corresponding fix for Gimp 1.3
is also in a dependent state.

A gimp-only fix for 1.2.3 against GTK 1.2.x  -- which won't see a GTK-based solution --
is conceivable: Not 'hard', but 'tedious.' It means, at the application level (in all the tool
implementations that look for a release to terminate their motion behavior -- rectangles
stop rubbering, for example) to anticipate a GDK_BUTTON_PRESS event, even if you
didn't ask for the bugger in your request list for gdk_pointer_grab() --
this, I believe, is the essense of Mr Taylor's "two-line fix" advise.

He was speaking figuratively. Of course.

1.3 is another matter. When XInput dust settles down o'er Gimpland, #10498 may no
longer be an issue. One hopes.

Be good, be well


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