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> After several months without one, the time has come to let ye
> know about the nice bugs that are still in the GIMP, and need
> fixing. Most of these are fairly shallow bugs against 1.2, some
> are meatier ones against 1.3. In any case, since the GIMP is now
> 3rd in the "bugs open" ranks on bugzilla.gnome.org (behind gtk+
> and galeon) and have recently passed nautilus, we have some
> bug-fixing to do.

I just found that I clicked the wrong link on bugzilla. The page I
used to look at it still shows a not-so-bad picture:


However 280 open bugs (excluding enhancement requests) are still way
too many. If you want to spend some time on this stuff, the bugs that
have the target milestone set to 1.2.4 are especially important to
look at:

 ID    Sev Pri  State Summary

 84884 nor Nor  UNCO  gimp-perl man pages claims wrongs statements
 83362 blo Urg  NEW   Incompatible licenses used in the GIMP
 69085 nor Hig  NEW   gdyntext loses state when editing pre-existing text
 3340  min Nor  NEW   gDynText crops text
 10466 nor Nor  NEW   I have some pb with rotation
 21028 tri Nor  NEW   should warn user about enormous memory consumption
 26072 nor Nor  NEW   initial_sub_region:: error :: src->w * (src->bytes
 52543 nor Nor  NEW   bumpmap: bumpmapping off by 1
 57952 min Nor  NEW   no scrollable scroll bars in new picture from a sel
 71478 min Nor  NEW   Imagemap plug-in does not draw some rectangles corr
 73891 nor Nor  NEW   bugs in the script-fus from the Alpha to Logo secti
 79754 nor Nor  NEW   Text tool should use gdk_fontset_load()
 82465 min Nor  NEW   CML explorer plugin incorrect for grayscale images
 82671 nor Nor  NEW   Flattening while thresholding causes segfault
 82763 nor Nor  NEW   xbm plugin emits malformed xbms
 84145 nor Nor  NEW   Narrow straight lines are imprecise
 86637 nor Nor  NEW   Small Tiles filter: apply filter + UNDO + Repeat La
 87687 tri Nor  NEW   ImageMap should use lowercase, not uppercase tags
 89274 nor Nor  NEW   Gradient Editor crashes when shift dragging a segme
 89801 nor Nor  NEW   Gimp crashes when choosing a non-integer font size 
 92377 nor Nor  NEW   missing brush-dialog.png in help ..
 94979 min Nor  NEW   Zoom is broken for very large images
 83458 tri Low  NEW   Suggested improvement in a translated menu
 58848 nor Hig  ASSI  Font problem
 22360 nor Nor  REOP  nav panner race can leave the panner active but not
 52866 min Nor  REOP  gimp-remote is not perfect
 88278 maj Nor  REOP  Text tool fills text with strange semi-transparent 

Happy Bug-Hunting,  Sven
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