if you have some spare CPU cycles and bandwidth, you probably want to
go to 


and download the latest development release of The GIMP. Some of the
mirrors should already have it, so perhaps you try one next to you:


Here's the obligatory list of changes since the latest release:

- Text tool can load text files now [Sven]
- Some unfinished work on the imagemap tools and related widgets [Sven]
- Undeprecated ink tool [Bolsh, Sven]
- Slightly tweaked the look and feel of the toolbox [Mitch, Sven]
- Ported module loading to GTypeModule [Mitch]
- Resurrected the water color selector [Mitch]
- Reworked module browser [Mitch]
- Moved generic datafile loading to LibGimpBase [Mitch]
- Added GimpColorScale widget [Mitch, Sven]
- Added GimpPickButton widget [Mitch]
- Added a color selector dock [Mitch]
- Added new layer modes (Softlight, Grain Extract, Grain Merge) [UnNamed]
- Included Gimp-Python with the tarball (try --enable-python)
- Lots of bug fixes

Other contributors:
  Maurits Rijk, Michael Niedermayer, Garry R. Osgood, David Necas,
  Toby Smith, Raphael Quinet, Dave Neary, Jim Meier

It's nice to note that we have an increasing number of contributors.
Please keep up the good work, we need your help!

Thanks to James Henstridge and Yosh this release includes Python
bindings for The GIMP. If you have Python 2.2 and PyGTK you might want
to pass --enable-python to configure and give it a try.

Salut, Sven
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