If you are interested in statistics about the GIMP bugs, here are a
few links that you should look at.  Consider adding these to your
bookmarks if you want to see what is happening with Bugzilla without
having to look at the detailled list of bugs every day.

* Most frequently reported bugs:


  Displays the bugs that have been reported the most frequently, by
  counting the number of duplicates.  One could say that it also shows
  the bugs for which the reporters are the least careful because they
  should have checked for duplicates before submitting their bugs, but
  this is interesting anyway.

* Bug count by severity or priority:


  Actually, this shows the bug counts by developer and by severity or
  priority, but so far we have left almost all bugs assigned to the
  default owner "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", which means that nobody (or
  everybody) is responsible for them.  Although the breakdown by
  developer is meaningless, the total (last row of each table) gives a
  good overview of how many bugs are still open.  Clicking on any
  number gives you the details.

* Bugs that are UNCONFIRMED:


  The first link lists several products.  Scroll down to find the GIMP
  bugs.  The second link gives a full list of all unconfirmed GIMP
  bugs.  As you can see from the current report, we have 42
  unconfirmed bugs.  If you take a closer look, you will discover that
  many of them are platform-specific bugs (usually for Windows) or
  bugs that are a specific to one device (drawing tablet or graphics
  card) that is not used by many developers.  So we need more Windows
  users or users of these special devices who could spend some of
  their time trying to reproduce the bugs and confirming them.  Fixing
  them would be even better, but even someone without coding skills
  could help to confirm the bugs.

* Bugs that are NEEDINFO and for which some new info has been reported:


  The bugs in NEEDINFO state are those for which the developers have
  requested additional information from the reporter (and not the
  other way round, as some reporters seem to think!).  If some new
  information has been reported since the bug got the NEEDINFO status,
  the bug report will show up in that list.  If the new information is
  enough to confirm the bug, then it can get the status NEW or

* Weekly summary:


  As mentioned in the previous messages, this shows a summary of all
  products tracked by Bugzillam, including the GIMP.  We should try to
  be as low as possible in this list...  280 open bugs is too much!

* Several useful links for GIMP bugs:


  At the bottom of this GIMP page, I have added a table with several
  links that give you some pre-made Bugzilla queries.  You can get the
  list of all open bugs in the stable versions, the list of
  enhancement proposals, etc.

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