mån 2002-11-18 klockan 14.09 skrev jay.yan:
> http://www.gimp.org/devel_cvs.html  tells me that  I can get the latest 
> code from cvs server via:  cvs -z3 co gimp
> and also it says:
> "There are also several branches in the GIMP cvs tree: the main or HEAD 
> branch is GIMP 1.3 (the development version)".....
> Then I tried cvs -z3 co -r gimp-1-3 gimp, of course I failed, it said: 
> "no such tag gimp-1-3"

Yes, that's correct. There's no "gimp-1-3" branch. As the page says, the
"HEAD" branch is for GIMP 1.3 development. The HEAD branch is what you
get if you just use "cvs -z3 co gimp".


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