mån 2002-11-18 klockan 14.32 skrev Jay Yan:
> >>Then I tried cvs -z3 co -r gimp-1-3 gimp, of course I failed, it said: 
> >>"no such tag gimp-1-3"
> >
> >Yes, that's correct. There's no "gimp-1-3" branch. As the page says, the
> >"HEAD" branch is for GIMP 1.3 development. The HEAD branch is what you
> >get if you just use "cvs -z3 co gimp".
> Thanks, Christian.
> Are there branchs for gimp-1.3.9, gimp-1.3.10?  if there are not, how 
> does gimp release? from head branch?

I really doubt there are branches for each individual release. There's
not much point in that unless there are plans on continuing development
on each release even after they are released, which I doubt. Branches
are intended for different code paths and major redesigns.
However, the individual releases are tagged in cvs, and each one of the
releases has a tag.

If the distinction between branches and tags are unclear, I recommend a
read in the documentation at http://www.cvshome.org/ or
http://cvsbook.red-bean.com/ or any other CVS documentation resource on
the net. These things aren't trivial when introduced to the first time,
but thankfully there are lots of good documentation resources.


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