On 29-Nov-2002, David Weeks wrote:
> The gimp community?  REALLY?  You could ixnay on the inuxlay, but not GNU.
> I feel for anyone trying to port gimp to windows, but I don't care about their 
> work.
> To hell with Windows.  Why would we care about windows?
> Windows has Photoshop, as does Apple.  I've used gimp on windows, and it 
> doesn't work so well, because the OS just isn't there.

Though this is a troll, and I usually dont respond to them, this one grabbed my
intrest. Photoshop sucks. It may be a $500 some product, but it sucks. Not
even windows or mac users should ever be forced to use such a shitty product.

> If window users are our largest user base, and gimp is going to windows, then 
> gimp is dead.  How long will it be before we pickup directX and other stuff 
> controlled by the evil people?

Actually, I wonder if mac users is our largest user base. More graphic artists
are on macs, not windows. 

> gimp is NOT a windows product.  Nor should it ever be, nor should we want it 
> to be.  Those people can't even render a png in MSIE!  What the heck are we 
> doing there?
> That's my opinion, and GNU/Linux is the company I keep.  As this is already 
> too much said on it, I'd like this to be a conclusion to my comments 
> regarding recent conversations.  Figure it out.

gimp isnt a _anything_ product. It works on any operating system that has a
sane gcc and sane gtk. Blame the people for prorting gcc and gtk to win32.

So, um, bite me.

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