The gimp community?  REALLY?  You could ixnay on the inuxlay, but not GNU.

I feel for anyone trying to port gimp to windows, but I don't care about their 

To hell with Windows.  Why would we care about windows?

Windows has Photoshop, as does Apple.  I've used gimp on windows, and it 
doesn't work so well, because the OS just isn't there.

If window users are our largest user base, and gimp is going to windows, then 
gimp is dead.  How long will it be before we pickup directX and other stuff 
controlled by the evil people?

gimp is NOT a windows product.  Nor should it ever be, nor should we want it 
to be.  Those people can't even render a png in MSIE!  What the heck are we 
doing there?

That's my opinion, and GNU/Linux is the company I keep.  As this is already 
too much said on it, I'd like this to be a conclusion to my comments 
regarding recent conversations.  Figure it out.

David Weeks
You can call me at: 813-236-2009, USA
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