>... I would like to compliment you and your team on following The Right
> Way.

The Film Gimp team deserves more credit than I for what's been accomplished.
Others toiled in secret for years on Film Gimp before I joined the project
this summer. Since going public, new developers have joined Film Gimp and
helped it succeed even more.

The Mac Film Gimp port team, all Film Gimp newcomers by the way, have done a
fabulous job! The Mac version released this week had been planned for 2003.
Completed ahead of schedule.

> Simple way to fix red eye: select the eye, select only the red
> channel, desaturate. Repeat for other eye. Try other channels for
> Bowie effect.

Thanks for the great tip on how to remove red-eye! I may put that into the
Film Gimp documentation.

Removing the red-eye in my "glamour" shot on the People page wasn't high on
my to-do list, but since you point it out as objectionable I will correct
that right away. Appreciate the feedback!



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