[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-12-08 at 1133.54 -0800):
> Hi. Pardon a silly question, but if you want "plain old gimp" why not use
> plain old GIMP?
> Just curious.
> > I hope option. BTW, anybody know how to disable the film gimp menu in
> > each window and get back to plain old gimp window?

Err, not clear enough? Another try: "Make Film Gimp not show the menu
in the top area of every window, only make it visible via MB3 click or
by being dettached (doable with GTK+1.2, but new feature, so probably
a no-no) or click arrow in top left corner (new feature, so probably
another no-no)."

I guess the reply is no too, I have not found any hint about the top
menu being removable if the user does not need it. If anybody know
what I did not saw in the code, and that would make the "always
visible" menu go away cleanly (currently nuked by removing some code),
please tell me.

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