RaphaŽl Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> With the release of 1.2.4-pre2, we are getting closer to the final
> 1.2.4.  Like I did a few months ago when 1.2.3 was released, I
> searched Bugzilla and the various ChangeLog files in order to get a
> list of significant changes between the future 1.2.4 release and the
> previous version.

thanks, great work!

> I am posting this now, just in case someone would have the foolish
> idea of releasing 1.2.4 while I am away during the X-Mas break...  On
> the other hand, bug #83362 is still open and makes it illegal to
> distribute 1.2.4 as it is.  Are there any volunteers to solve this
> problem?

I'd also like to see this one being addressed:

  Saving .xcf on full filesystem hangs GIMP

doesn't seem overly complicated since there's only one call to fwrite()
in app/xcf.c which needs to have its return_value to be checked. The
larger part of the problem is to propate the error up from xcf_write_int8().
Volunteers for this one?

Salut, Sven
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