With the release of 1.2.4-pre2, we are getting closer to the final
1.2.4.  Like I did a few months ago when 1.2.3 was released, I
searched Bugzilla and the various ChangeLog files in order to get a
list of significant changes between the future 1.2.4 release and the
previous version.

Here are the changes that I identified so far.  There are many other
things mentioned in the ChangeLog, but I think that these are the most
significant ones.  I am even thinking about deleting the last two or
three items because the list is already a bit long.

* Updated translations.

* The print plug-in is now using libgimpprint-4.2, which is distributed as
  a separate package (bug #80941).  It is more stable and more portable than
  previous versions (bug #87428).  If you do not have libgimpprint on your
  system, you have to download it from http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/ and
  install it before building The GIMP, else use --disable-print.

* Fixed crashes in: File->Open dialog (bug #51781), paths dialog, splash
  screen (bug #81962), initialization (bug #71409), imagemap plug-in (bug
  #92750), convmatrix plug-in (bug #81345), GIMPressionist (bug #92394),
  Select->Sharpen (bug #93853) and in the tablet support (bug #91067).

* Fixed some errors in several file load/save plug-ins:  PNG (bug #55700,
  bug #92395), TIFF (bug #77283, bug #97352), XPM (bug #87588, bug #82763),
  EPS (bug #75667, bug #81606), JPEG (75398).

* Improvements and cleanups for the Windows build.

* The JPEG and PNG libraries are now required, unless the user explicitely
  disables them.

* Considerable speed-ups in some plug-ins: borderaverage, convmatrix, nlfilt,
  papertile, vpropagate (bug #78358).

* Various improvements for the usability of some tools: selection tools
  (bug #78731), spinbuttons in resize dialog (bug #63741).

* Generating previews from a list of files works correctly (bug #100663).

Are there any comments on this list?

I am posting this now, just in case someone would have the foolish
idea of releasing 1.2.4 while I am away during the X-Mas break...  On
the other hand, bug #83362 is still open and makes it illegal to
distribute 1.2.4 as it is.  Are there any volunteers to solve this
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