fre 2002-12-27 klockan 12.41 skrev Sven Neumann:
> > Recently many messages in gimp have been changed to append "  %s", like
> > in this example:
> > 
> > #: app/tools/transform_options.c:223
> > #, c-format
> > msgid "Keep Height  %s"
> > 
> > The %s seems to be filled in with the return value of a call to
> > gimp_get_mod_name_control ().
> that function returns the translation for "<Ctrl>" and it was
> introduced to reduce the work of the translators and to eliminate a
> possible cause of i18n problems. Before this change there were tons of
> messages like "Keep Height  <Ctrl>".


> > What's the purpose of these changes to the translatable messages? Are
> > the ordering of the %s, or the amount of whitespace used, supposed to
> > change with the translations? If they aren't, perhaps moving these %s
> > outside the gettext calls should be considered.
> we have not been sure if translators might need to change it. There's
> a chance that translators of RTL locales might want to add formatting
> information. If you (or someone else) can most definitely tell us that
> this is not the case, we will do as you suggested.

Perhaps this could be moved to a lower level -- gtk+ also displays
shortcut information, knows about the translation of "<Ctrl>" and the
like in the current locale, and knows about and adapts to RTL locales.
Then this wouldn't need to be taken care of seperately by the GIMP, and
the whitespace and %s would not need to be added in GIMP messages.


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