Robert L Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm looking for a volunteer to work on some user interface issues with
> Gimp-print.  Specifically, we're introducing a lot of very powerful
> new options in 4.3, and I'd like to find someone with a good grasp of
> human factors to work this into the user interface.  Anyone
> interested?

Yep :)

I'll continue to update the plug-in's GUI according to upcoming
gimp-print changes. I don't quite recall whan decision we made
a while ago about where to keep the plug-in's source. IIRC we
wanted to keep it in the GIMP CVS only, but I have surely no
problem to check in the changes into gimp-pring CVS as well
if the decision was to keep the plug-in around there.

Also, I didn't follow gimp-print-developer discussions that
closely the last few month (you guys produce a whole bunch
of stuff to read :), so I'll need some hints on what exctly
the upcoming changes are and if you already have thoughts
about the GUI extensions.

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