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> The default histogram display seems wrong in Gimp, by the standards of
> photoshop and a number of other image management programs.  There is a
> link below to an image demonstrating what I mean.  (I am cross-posting
> this to Filmgimp, because there seems to be common histogram code).
> An optional plug-in for Gimp called "Color Correction" seems to do
> histograms the way I would expect, i.e., giving meaningful feedback to
> determine (about a photograph) whether the exposure was well chosen, and
> serving as a useful guide for correction using levels and curves.
> Take a look at this image to see how Gimp's main histogram display
> compares with the Color Correction plug-in's.
> http://www.marso.com/images/example.jpg

This is something I brought up some time ago (see
The Gimp uses logarithmic scaling, while other image processing tools I
know use another kind of scaling -- I thought linear, but sqrt has also
been suggested.

At first I didn't like the way the Gimp does it, because I think it
doesn't look pretty. But then I started to think that logarithmic scaling
actually isn't so bad for these kinds of things.

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