Mat Caughron writes:
> Tor:

> I put your recently posted source for gimp-1.2.4 into CVS for the
> sourceforge project at

Ughh, NO NO NO. Please don't. That is totally silly and
counter-productive. GIMP source code already is in CVS
( I have local changes I haven't committed to the
(real) GIMP CVS, true. But that doesn't mean that there is a need for
a different CVS repository. Even a branch would cause too much
complexity, IMHO.

As soon as 1.2.4 has been officially released I'll try to see how many
of my local changes I can integrate cleanly into the official sources
and commit to CVS, but I don't want to do that until after 1.2.4 has
been released. I'm afraid of breaking stuff and delaying the release
even further.

> Can you give me your sourceforge name so I can give you read/write control
> over the project?

I don't want to have anything to do with it.

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