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> I apologize for this question
> The Gimp 1.2 I have is  2113804 bytes, it came with the MDK 9 distro
> The Gimp 1.3.11 was 3597994 bytes, officially released 1.3.11
> A recent Gimp 1.3.12 was 38551604 from one of the CVS repositories
> Why are the binaries of the 1.3 series  15 times the size of 1.2 ?

most probably because of the compiler you use, my gimp-1.3 binary
(built using gcc-2.95.4) is 7416112 bytes with debugging info and
2122728 bytes stripped. I heard that newer versions of gcc create huge
binaries if debugging info is included.

Salut, Sven

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