one night, I (skimpIzu) came to #gimp and while having a conversation
with carol, yosh joined in and felt my comments were innapropriate.

I was immediately glined off the server irregardless of the fact that I
was having normal conversations in other rooms (and in fact in #gimp as
well). Since then (about 2 weeks ago), yosh has glined me on sight,
demanding that I apologize to the public.

Out of respect for the gimp community I have no desire for this email
thread to grow into something anything more harmful than this situation
already is.

As yosh has repeatedly seen that I do not have the means to administer
this public apology to the people that witnessed this behavior he
reacted to (namely carol, and himself) , I am truly sorry that I have to
bring these matters to this more innapropriate level of wasteful

I truly hope that this is not a subversive attempt to lure me out and
have me further censored.

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