sön 2003-02-02 klockan 19.49 skrev Sven Neumann:
> Christian Rose <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Currently, the packages for the GNOME Fifth Toe release is being brought
> > together at the http://5toe.lyrical.net/ site, where package maintainers
> > can nominate their software for inclusion. Fifth Toe is, for those that
> > don't know, a collection of nice additional software that works with
> > GNOME. Fifth Toe is released seperately from the rest of GNOME. GIMP
> > fits that category well, and has also previously been included in Fifth
> > Toe.
> I'm sorry but I don't understand the concept at all and the webpage is
> not really helpful in clearing things up. What exactly is Fifth Toe?
> You say it's a collection of software. Is it just a list of packages
> or is the software also distributed somehow?

To the best of my knowledge and judging from previous Fifth Toe
releases, it's a common release of independantly developed software. In
other words, there will be a common release at some point with a common
release announcement saying "this is the GNOME Fifth Toe release and
this is the list of software included in it", listing applications and
their versions. I'm cc:ing Will LaShell in this mail, perhaps he can

I personally believe GNOME Fifth Toe has traditionally been a way to
release software that isn't currently part of the core desktop and can
be released as part of that, but may still be interesting to users. The
idea is to help users when they have installed a new desktop and wonder
where's the more nice tools and applications for it. A sort of nice bag
of extra goodies.
It also helps distributors; instead of having to list thirtysomething
individual pieces of software or parts of it and decide which pieces to
use they can just conveniently say "includes GNOME Fifth Toe" and
include an already predefined set of packages.

But that's just my view of it. Hopefully Will can clear out the issues.

> The website also don't explain which version of GNOME / GTK+ this
> "release" is based on. If it is GTK+-2.x, we are probably out of the
> race since there is no stable GIMP release for this platform.

Good point. I don't know what the exact qualifications for inclusion
are, but it probably includes in some point being ported to GNOME/GTK+
2.0 or 2.2.


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