Jean-Yves Lamoureux ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Marco Wessel wrote:
> >I think he might mean multi-layered XCF files. Like how we represent
> >multi-frame GIFs.
> >
> exactly.
> How can the xcf file format so close to gimp's code ? I mean, there are 
> layers, layers are a bunch of parameters, and a data field, where pixels 
> are stored, no ?
> If you're talking about all blending, tracks, etc which are gimp 
> relative, it's not that a big deal, as a quite complete 2d engine 
> include these functions, some sort of basic wrappers will do the job

Basically "close to gimp's code" means: "Is subject to change without
notice". There is fancy stuff in it like parasites, text layers in the
near future and also Path stuff. Of course this could be ignored safely
but we could also decide to add new layer modes etc. pp, maybe we at
some time get layer groups which might have a significant impact on the
rendering pipeline.

I think you face a huge task with little value - xcf will never become a
widely accepted animation standard. Having this in mplayer would of
course have a cool showoff value but thats basically it and I don't
think it is worth the effort.

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