Jean-Yves Lamoureux <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> How can the xcf file format so close to gimp's code ? I mean, there
> are layers, layers are a bunch of parameters, and a data field,
> where pixels are stored, no ?

the pixel data is layed out to match GIMP's internal representation.
The idea behind this concept was to be able to mmap the tiles directly
from the file although this part has never been implemented. And there
is a whole lot more to XCF than layers ...

I'd suggest you use a more standardized animation format such as MNG.

XCF is not meant to be used by anything but The GIMP. It's not
documented and we usually discourage people from using it. One of the
reasons is that it makes it easier for us to change the format without
taking the risk of breaking lots of third-party applications.

For GIMP-2.0 we might try to design a file format that is better
suited as an inter-application exchange format. We've already spent
some thought on this and it might even happen one day.

Salut, Sven

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