* Patrick McFarland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [030214 12:19]:
> On 14-Feb-2003, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > now what is a "real CMYK filter" ?
> I think he ment as in CMYK colorspace mode. (Like RGBA and such.)

Or is a e.g. a tiff plug-in capable of doing the CMYK transformation
at save time sufficient?. An offset press want the images in CMYK
since the neccesary seperation is already done then. But having a
CMYK image won't guarantee anything since you don't neccesarily have
colormetric models of the screen colors spaces, nor the printing

Perhaps all he suggests is the possiblity to save CMYK as tiff, with a
dialog box that lets you tune the output,.. e.g. how many % of black is
pulled out,. and perhaps even tuning the transform matrix in some way,..
and softproofing for the out of gamut colors?

/Øyvind K.

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