there hasn't been much feedback lately on similar requests, but I'll
try it once more since I assume that everyone is interested in getting
the next GIMP release done...

The Preferences dialog has grown over the past and we applied a
tree-like structure in order to make it easy to find things. Looking
at it now makes me think that the general idea is fine but that the
whole thing should be reviewed and reorganized. I'm looking for a
volunteer to look at the various options and to propose a way to
organize it into categories. This could end up being pretty close to
what we have now but I'm sure that at least a few things should be
moved and/or rephrased.

Such a proposal should probably be done on paper (or in your favorite
editor), but since the new code for the prefs dialog is not that
complex any longer, you could try to come up with a patch as
well. It's up to you. Any volunteers for that?

Salut, Sven

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