On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 13:26, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Do you have any specifics on what you're looking at
> > changing - are there some bug reports that suggest a change is needed in
> > the Preferences?  It would help if there were since, at present, I
> > haven't see many problems with the Preferences layout from my own
> > perspective.
> I've added one more entry to the Image Window page today and found
> that it grew too large while other pages are somewhat empty. I think
> it should be possible to get a more balanced layout. I'd also
> appreciate if a native speaker could review the individual entries.
> Of course if you say that all is fine as is, that's OK with me as
> well.
> You should perhaps announce that you are working on this on
> gimp-developer...

I've grabbed the CVS stuff (had to update a few build tools, but that
went smoothly) and have built the latest.  I'll be looking over the
prefs stuff this week and, with luck, will get you some feedback early
next week.

PS:  I forwarded this to the list, so they know I'm working on it.

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