Simon Budig wrote:
Be careful: A layer mask can *not* do everything you could do with
manipulating the alpha channel directly. Especially it is impossible to
increase the opacity of the layer with a layer mask.

True! I was in mind of style of assembling/creating images where you start with something solid and then cut/peel/molest away parts of it, which excellently fits layer mask usage. The converse would be the approach whereby you start with transparency and build up the result by 'painting onto glass' -- personally I use a mix of both approaches.

The idea isn't that the layer mask usurps image alpha, but
that traditional paint/fill tools are generally used to increase
opacity and define colour simultaneously (they do), while layer
masks are extremely handy ways to safely experiment with eroding
opacity away again as a logically separate composition step rather
than a destructive processing of the RGBA data.

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