On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 00:03, Daniel Rogers wrote:
> Adam D. Moss wrote:
> > The idea isn't that the layer mask usurps image alpha, but
> > that traditional paint/fill tools are generally used to increase
> > opacity and define colour simultaneously (they do), while layer
> > masks are extremely handy ways to safely experiment with eroding
> > opacity away again as a logically separate composition step rather
> > than a destructive processing of the RGBA data.
> > 
> > --Adam
> I like this distinction.  This should be written down somewhere.
> Probably in the manual (if it isn't already).  This clearly describes
> precisely what approach to use when.

Related to this, I would love to have a function that would enable me to
create a layer mask from alpha channel or apply it to the existing mask.
That way it would be possible to increase opacity with a layer mask by
first applying the alpha channel to the mask and then 'darkening' the
layer mask.

To me this is a missing link between alpha channel and mask. We already
have similar function when working with selections/channels.


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