On Fri, 14 Mar 2003 12:24:00 -0600, "Brian Mullin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'd like to work on non-scripted commandline usage of the gimp. (i.e. a
> user would run the command "gimp -plugin:normalize -proc:run"... And
> voila! The NORMALIZE.EXE plugin is executed.) I've seen that someone did
> a bit of work on this in the past... And then apparently just left it.

Are you refering to the minigimp code, or to something else?

> Anyway, I just know that it would be useful for those users who want
> scripting-like capabilities, but don't want to use Scheme, Perl, or
> Python.

You will probably have to use one of these scripting languages if you
want to do anything more complicated than executing a single plug-in.
For example, if you want to execute two operations and the second one
needs the image or layer created by the first one, then you will need
some kind of scripting language in order to state what should be
passed from one PDB call to the other one.

> I'm starting out by just doing some research into how things are done.
> Could anybody help me on this? Of particular use would be some pointers
> on the Gimp application initialization procedures. (Raphael? Sven? I've
> seen your names in the change logs as having done work in this area...)

I doubt that I have really done much in that area, because my
contributions to the code have been rather small in the last months
(years?).  I was indeed interested in having a stripped-down version
of the GIMP that would mostly be used for executing plug-ins.  That
would be similar to ImageMagik, but more flexible (and less efficient
because of the plug-in mechanism).  Unfortunately, I never had the
time to write the code for that.  Sven and Mitch are the ones doing
the real work.  ;-)

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