I'm sure this has been asked 5 bzillion times, so make this 5 bzillion and one. :-) Is there a plan to support reading/writing EXIF information found in files such as JPEGs and TIFFs? I've followed older threads that lead me to Lutz's libexif, which I'm up-to-date on. But, without applying a very hairy patch to 1.3.x, I can't get GIMP to work with it.

And, libexif is JPEG-centric. It's certainly handy, but it'd be even moreso to support other file formats (TIFF specifically.) Daniel Stephens has written a C++ based CLI app called metacam http://www.cheeseplant.org/~daniel/pages/metacam.html which actually can read JPEGs and TIFFs. Is that something someone could work with and develop into a plugin? I've contacted Daniel and asked him a similar question; he said anyone can take what they want from his code but he hasn't a lot of time to donate to development.

$ file F1A.TIF
F1A.TIF: TIFF image data, little-endian

$ metacam F1A.TIF
File: F1A.TIF
  Standard Fields -----------------------------------
         Image Creation Date: 2002:11:14 13:52:51
                        Make: Canon
                       Model: Canon EOS-1DS
            Software Version: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
                X Resolution: 72 Pixels/Inch
                Y Resolution: 72 Pixels/Inch
           Samples Per Pixel: 3
             Bits Per Sample: (8,8,8)
  Photometric Interpretation: RGB
                 Compression: Uncompressed
  EXIF Fields ---------------------------------------
          Image Capture Date: 2002:10:11 12:12:40
        Image Digitized Date: 2002:10:11 12:12:40
               Exposure Bias: 0 EV
                Focal Length: 600mm
               Exposure Time: 1/500 Sec.
                    Aperture: f5.6
            Exif Image Width: 4064 pixels
           Exif Image Height: 2704 pixels
               Exposure Mode: Manual Exposure
               White Balance: Auto White Balance
            ISO Speed Rating: 10 (50)
                EXIF Version: 0220
            FlashPix Version: 0100
              Aperture Value: f5.6
    Focal Plane X Resolution: 11822545/4096 Pixels/Inch
    Focal Plane Y Resolution: 2955065/1024 Pixels/Inch
         Shutter Speed Value: 1/512 Sec.
                  ColorSpace: sRGB
          Scene Capture Type: Standard

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