Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The last time I checked, in-process tool plugin loading worked with only
> a handful of mild issues to be resolved.  I have no doubt that it can be
> in perfect working order in less than two weeks.

sorry, last time I checked, tools in GIMP were still an udocumented
and buggy mess. The fact that part of this mess has been moved outside
of the core and wrapped by obscure proxy objects has not improved this
situation. There are still lots of bugs in the current tools, there is
noone who fully understands how this stuff is supposed to work. What
needs to be done for the next release is a major cleanup of the tools.
Part of this cleanup should be a proper documentation on how to write
a GIMP tool. I believe that it doesn't make sense to even think about
pluggable tools before this has happened. I'd rather start the tool
cleanup by moving GimpToolControl back into the core and I'd like to
remove the cheesey hacks that were added all over the place.

Salut, Sven
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