Nathan Carl Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> While we should have a good specification of the "tool api," not thinking
> about plugging issues would be counterproductive.  Many of the existing
> issues are related to the nonextensiblity of the current api.

My point is that we should first clean up the internal API and provide
a framework that allows an experienced GIMP developer to create a new
tool without loosing his/her mind. Once that is done, we can think
about exporting this API so make pluggable tools possible.

Unfortunately an attempt was made to provide an API for pluggable
tools before cleaning up the internal API. Part of this API is to
expose internal structures and objects that were never designed for
this. I don't think we should release with this API. We would do
ourselves a favor by dropping pluggable tools for now.

> Note that tool plugins will need to make calls to GimpToolModule
> code and GimpToolControl code and who knows what else.

That's exactly why I propose to remove the possibility to have
pluggable tools (of course only short term). The current API boils
down to "make calls to who knows what".

Salut, Sven

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