Hi there,

I recently uploaded teh 1.3.14 source code, to start to look around the code.

Actually, I humbly intend to actvely join GIMP's development  along the next
couple of months, if I can get enough of what is going on.

./configure, make && make install went as smoothly as one could ever dream, in 
a shinny install of MDK 9.1 - Congratulations to whoever manage this part.

And them, I just started to hack around the code to take a grasp of how things 
itnerconnect around there. My intent almost worked out at first try (well, 
sometimes we might be able to say that a seg fault is ok as 'almost worked 
out', might not? ).

But what I do need now is a faster way to go from edit code to running gimp.
Make Install asctually eats out a lot of time on my system. Is it possible to 
run the gimp-1.3 binary generated from make straight, without make-installing 
How can it be done?

And about my hack: I am trying with a "xor" layer combine and brush modes. 
I jsut based my work on the "multiply" mode, and worked on a copy of 
"pixel_multiply" in app/paint-funcs/paint-funcs-generic.h ,
and the related enuns in various other files. It seens like I am missing 
something yet - I will work on it tonight. 

The final effect is just too like the "difference" layer combine mode to be of 
any interest, I think, But if it get's interesting enough, I will mention it 

Thanks for all help.


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