> Feczak Szabolcs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Changing the color balance/brightens-contrast/ color curves are
> > significantly slower in gimp vs. photoshop on the same machine.  The
> > problem is not the processing time alone, but the preview takes the
> > same amount of time as the final processing.  I have relized, that
> > gimp calculates all the data in preview mode as I would have pressed
> > the ok button.
> Very well spotted.
> > Other good idea came from my friend: creating a smaller image in
> > memory, which has the resolution of the screen and calculating the
> > preview on that image.
> That is obviously the approach that should be taken.

> AFAIK, there are no plans to do such an improvement. Considered that
> we still lack some funding for our developers conference this summer,
> perhaps we could be persuaded to give it a try.

Ok, what do you need to be more persuaded ?

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