Sven Neumann wrote:

Damien Genet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Why can't you launch a  Gimp Fund  through paypal, like the Blender
foundation did ? I think that the Gimp has much more visibility than
Blender did, and would have no problems raising money. Actually, it may
even help to boost the development.

I'm not sure if it would boost development, it might as well hurt it.
The problem with money is that we would somehow have to decide how to
spend it. Paying developers from such a fund could cause quite some
disagreements. If others are paid for their contribution, why would
anyone want to contribute unless (s)he's paid as well?

I do believe however that a GIMP Foundation of some sort would make
sense. It would make it a lot easier to raise fundings for events like
developer conferences and would thus allow us to do them more
frequently. I hope that we can discuss (or maybe even found) such an
organization on the GIMP Developers Conference this summer.


I am on it. I'll have a presentation to give on the subject.


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