Hi all,

I am now moving from script-fu/perl-fu scripting and entering the world
of C plugin writing for GIMP. Only reason I am doing this is because I need
to get information about pixels on the drawable(quite a significant number
of pixels)

I have read the good tutorial "Essentials Of a Plug-in" by Kevin Turner,
and I have a few things that I just want to ask about plug-in writing in

a) Where do I find plug-ins with the C code instead of the executable ones
in the plugin directory? I like learning by reading other source codes and
could anyone tell me which one is well commented so that I get what's going

b) I have read the online documentation on libgimp

Unfortunately, I find it hard to use because not everything in there is
documented, as in I have no idea what some of the functions do(although
most function names are pretty well defined) and I have no idea what sort
of parameters it wants me to pass in. Can anyone tell me if there is a source
of help that will explain the functions in detail?

c) Basically, I just want to get information in a pixel? Thing is, if i
use this function:
void        gimp_pixel_rgn_get_pixel        (GimpPixelRgn *pr,
                                             guchar *buf,
                                             gint x,
                                             gint y);

Only thing I don't understand is what is the datatype guchar, and how much
memory do we allocate to the buf pointer? And in this buf pointer, what
information is actually being returned? Basically, I just need to know what
color the pixel is. Will that information be returned?

There you go..newbie with tons of questions. I hope you understood what
I was trying to ask because I have 0 experience in writing gimp plugins.

Thanks all in advance!


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