"Kenny Law" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> a) Where do I find plug-ins with the C code instead of the
> executable ones in the plugin directory? I like learning by reading
> other source codes.

There are more than hundred plug-ins included in the GIMP tarball. I
suggest you start looking there.

> b) I have read the online documentation on libgimp
> http://gimp-plug-ins.sourceforge.net/doc/libgimp/html/

This documentation, or actually a more uptodate version of it, is also
included in the source tarball. Have a look at the devel-docs directory.

> Unfortunately, I find it hard to use because not everything in there
> is documented, as in I have no idea what some of the functions
> do (although most function names are pretty well defined) and I have
> no idea what sort of parameters it wants me to pass in.

If you installed the GIMP API reference next to the GLib and GTK+ API
references, you could click on most data types and get to the relevant
documentation that way. Here's an online version of the GIMP-1.3 API
reference which is properly cross-linked:


However you will need some more docs than the API reference can give
you. Simon Budig wrote an excellent paper for last year's Guadec:


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