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>>As far as I know, the gimp2 CVS module is dead. I'm not sure if it
>>makes sense to revive it. Especially since the code that is probably
>>going to become 2.0 lives in module gimp.
> you should document that more publicly then. searching for 'gimp
> development path' didn't provide any of that information.
> so, you mean there is not going to be any rewrite-from-scratch? or
> that when there is it will be numbered eg 3.x?

I don't think we ever wanted to do a rewrite-from-scratch. What we did
since GIMP-1.2 was a rewrite of the user interface and a major
overhaul of the application core. The code is now in a state where it
makes sense to think about changing the basics but keeping most of the
infrastructure on top it intact. Whatever version number the next
release would get can only be told when it is ready.

We will probably make up a more detailed plan for the future at the
developers conference this summer. This is not a closed event; whoever
feels interested in GIMP development or simply wants to meet
developers and other GIMP users is welcome to join us. Here are a few
links to more information:  http://www.gimp.org/gimpcon/

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