1. In plugins like whirlpinch.py we have:
   (PF_SLIDER, "whirl", "Whirl angle", 90, (-360, 360, 1)),

I would assume the second item is the "display" version and is what should show up in 
the UI, however "whirl" is what is displayed in the dialog box.

2. This crashes gimp; In the python console type:
img = pdb.file_jpeg_load("/tmp/file.jpg", "/tmp/file.jpg")
draw = pdb.gimp_image_active_drawable(img)
pdb.script_fu_coffee_stain(img, draw, 3, 0)

Calling any script-fu script from python causes a crash. Off topic: What's the reason 
we have to pass the filename twice for load and save operations?

Let me know if I should file bugs on these.

Michael Bushey
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