David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> That said, some day soon, the GIMP developers are going to have
> to get together for a brainstorning session about how we can
> communicate better with the user base, and vice versa. With IRC,
> Bugzilla, 2 mailing lists, usenet, the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mail address, the 
> web page and the GUG (wouldn't it be nice to tie in more tightly 
> with those guys?), there is an awful lot of information flying 
> about, but none of it is getting to everybody.
> Sven's talked about the dead documentation project, lots of
> usability issues have cropped up recently on the mailing list,
> and we seem to have become quite insular in our thinking. I would
> like us to sit down and talk about how we can make it easier for
> people to find out what's happenning with the GIMP, and easier
> for them to let us know what they thing should be happening.

The long-due overhaul of the web-site could help to improve this


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