David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The new code is missing a #ifdef somewhere, I think - perhaps
> composite-mmx.c shouldn't be build at all if USE_MMX isn't
> defined... but that's another issue.

I've added an #ifdef that causes the file content to be skipped. I
prefer #ifdefs over automake conditionals since the latter tend to
slow down the build and clutter the Makefile.am.

> My processor does support mmx. It passes the configure test - when I
> run the configure test manually (that is, load register %mm0 in a .S
> file), it works fine. However, the same thing in an asm() in a C
> file seems to not compile. Really weird...

So config.h defines USE_MMX for you? Looks as if we have to improve
the configure test. The check we use now is copied from DirectFB and
seems to work there. In DirectFB we include the assembler code as

  __asm__ __volatile__ ()

while the new code in The GIMP seems to be using


I don't know this stuff good enough to know the difference, but I'd
say we need to change the configure check so that is uses the same
asm constructs that the code in app/composite is using.

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