the app/core directory appears to have been deleted from anoncvs.
various methods i tried hoping it was my error rather than a problem on the 
server have failed. (making a fake CVS/ directory, using the -d switch, 
both 'cvs update app/core' and chdiring to app/core and running 'cvs update',
even eventually checking out the entire module separately)
i get messages like 'cvs server: cannot open directory 
/cvs/gnome/gimp/app/core : no such file or directory'

this problem apparently happened about june 29 (about the time that yosh made 
some changes to gimp-mkenums,,and core-enums.h, then regenerated 
core-enums.c, according to the changelog.), since i had 'cvs update'd the day 
before that with no problems.
 i doubt that logmessage relates to the actual problem, i gave it to indicate 
a timeframe.

i am posting this here because i haven't found any information indicating 
where else such problem reports should be sent.

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