david gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> the app/core directory appears to have been deleted from anoncvs.
> various methods i tried hoping it was my error rather than a problem on the 
> server have failed. (making a fake CVS/ directory, using the -d switch, 
> both 'cvs update app/core' and chdiring to app/core and running 'cvs update',
> even eventually checking out the entire module separately)
> i get messages like 'cvs server: cannot open directory 
> /cvs/gnome/gimp/app/core : no such file or directory'

I'm only guessing but I think you are experiencing the usual problem
with anoncvs. anoncvs.gimp.org is not a single anoncvs server but a
DNS round-robin. That means you will get a different CVS server every
time you ask the nameserver to resolve the name. The problem is that
at least one of the anoncvs servers is completely broken. You can fix
this by hardcoding the IP of a working anoncvs server to your
/etc/hosts file. A good anoncvs server seems to be located in sweden
carrying the IP So adding this line to /etc/hosts
should fix your problem: anoncvs.gimp.org

If you use anoncvs.gnome.org in CVSROOT, then make that anoncvs.gnome.org

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