Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 16:12:37 +0200
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   On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 12:42:49PM +0200,  Marc A. Lehmann  wrote:

   > > >What happens if in the future someone writes a gimp-java interface
   > > >(like gimp-perl)?  Would there be any security issues there?
   > > 
   > >         No.
   > "I do not believe people like you."
   > Sorry, but how can you so bluntly claim this? These things happened
   > before, and often times, so instead of a simple "No" there *should* be
   > very good arguments of why it should be different...
   > And yes, java byte code *is* getting executed without having to kick it
   > off, at least, in netscape, ie, mozilla, opera, konquereor....

   - you can turn it off

But the default configuration of most browsers is for it to be turned

   - it's inside a sandbox (no access to local files)

That depends upon the JVM configuration.

   - to be able to execute some Java code out of a (virus-altered) GIMP
     image (Gimp Graphics Archive) takes:
     * a person running "java -jar picture.gga"
     * some "smart" program looking inside the image, recognizing the
       manifest etc (which makes the JAR "executable"), running this
       (probably requirng user interaction)
     * a Java machine

Not necessarily.  If the appropriate MIME type isn't set up for .gga
files, a browser might helpfully run "file" on the file, identify it
as a JAR, and run java on it.  That requires a spot of
misconfiguration (or social engineering), but it's a bad idea to
assume that other things are configured correctly.

   I think, the security argument against JAR is very far-fetched.  A
   JAR is basically a ZIP with a META-INF directory containing a
   MANIFEST.MF file. That's it.

   There is a lot of code around for creating / reading ZIP files -
   I'm a bit worried about robustness though; if the directory at the
   end of the ZIP is broken or missing, things get complicated.

   But a hierarchical structure would be cool too. What about mapping
   big parts of the file format to the file system? This way, a lot of
   information can be stored in the hierarchy and it wouldn't be a big
   difference whether to read a file from file system or from archive.

What properties are you assuming in the filesystem?

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