At 5:35 PM +0200 7/16/03, Sven Neumann wrote:
I don't think we should use a compressed archive. Instead the binary
data in the archive should be compressed.

I agree - and that's what ZIP/JAR allow for - some files/blobs are compressed, and some are not. You could either use the built-in methods to specify this, OR use the XML manifest.

That allows to choose the
best compression scheme for the data and to combine different
compression techniques in the archive.


As I pointed out in an earlier mail, I am not sure if a hierarchical
structure in the archive is a good idea. In my opinion the hierarchy
should only be defined in the XML part that describes how the contents
of the archive should be put together. If we apply the document
hierarchy to the archive, it will become painful to keep the XML
description and the archive hierarchy in sync.

It's an interesting tradeoff.

If you leave it flat, that means that it's not possible to establish relationships between objects WITHOUT parsing the XML - so that standard archiving tools wouldn't be helpful.

On the other hand, you are right, that syncing the two could be a pain.

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