i would like to thank all of the developers for their help with

from the one who made me wait for Tommer to come back and get
involved and the two who effectively fired him without letting
me know.  also Raphael for sitting on it until Sven could find
a web site that cuts it down.

i would like to offer this same sort of help to gimp development.
but where to begin?

is there some way that i can offer the same help and support back?
i will not quit again! i promise to stay and help you as i have been helped.

such a pleasure, such men.

Raphael, i love wgo :)

please keep up the good work.

Sven, thank you for the gnomedesktop poor review as well.  I
am impressed that everyone was able to work together so well to
sit on the site until bad reviews could be generated.

drc was fabulous, refusing to touch the css.  I learn and learn
how to handle a project from the giants it has been my pleasure
to associate with.

any any any opportunity i have to help you in such a way with
your projects, trust me, i will do everything everything i can
to give back the same quality of help and support.

waiting to return all the favors,

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