I finally moved the new site that was created some months ago to
developer.gimp.org. Please have a look and comment on it. This is by
no means final but I hope that it will allow to spread info about GIMP
development more easily. The web-site is build using docbook website.
This may seem difficult but it makes it very easy to contribute content.
If anyone is interested, you can directly access the XML source of a
particular page by replacing the .html extension with .xml. The whole
source with stylesheets can be downloaded as well:


I would appreciate help with content as well as with integration of
the API reference and other docbook sources (Simon wrote a nice
article about plug-in development that would fit nicely). I haven't
yet managed to integrate sources that don't use the docbook website
DTD but other variants of docbook (article, book) but I am sure it can
be done.

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