Patrick McFarland wrote:
> So, if gegl isnt going to be in gimp2, when will it be?
> Ive been waiting for gimp2 awhile now, and now that gegl wont be in it, I have
> to keep waiting. How long will I have to wait now? 2.2? 2.4?

I believe that the general idea (one with which I agree) is to
have a quick 2.2 with some very small features going in. That
should be out by Christmas. Then gegl would go in in the new
year, and work would begin on gettiong gegl to the point where it
replaces at least the current gimp functionality. There will also
be floating point support from the start. 

After that, we will need a tile iterator, a pixel accessor, more
operations, and more colourspace definitions. We'll also need to
redo a large part of the core (notably the channels stuff, and
all the plug-ins) to take account of the generalised image
structure. We will also need a new file format, IMHO. But that's
being discussed elsewhere. A pity that people are more worried
about whether jar or ar will be used to bunch layers together
than they are about how the future gimp will handle layer trees
and groups, adjustment layers, vector and text layers and all the
other interesting difficult stuff, though.


PS. Excuse my tone. I've become a little bitter & twisted. I'm
sure Berlin will fix that.

       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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