On Monday 21 July 2003 4:47 pm, Adam D. Moss wrote:
> Patrick McFarland wrote:
> > So, if gegl isnt going to be in gimp2, when will it be?
> >
> > Ive been waiting for gimp2 awhile now, and now that gegl wont be
> > in it, I have to keep waiting. How long will I have to wait now?
> > 2.2? 2.4?
> gegl isn't a panacea...
Perfectly said.

Actually, I've skimmed trhough some docs on the GEGL, and I wonder, 
what are its actual uses for the final user?
I can see it provides the grounds for easier hacking in the GIMP, and 
will facilitate the implemanetation of internal CMYK and FLoating 
point images, and such. But for GEGL alone, what does the artist 

I can also see that it could be a nice engine to provide a 
customizable brush, or layer combine mode. I am writing such a 
resource  for gimp 1.3, whithout  GEGL, and even if it doesn't make 
it in the official tree, it will be avaliable to whoever wants to try

Of course, I am probably missing a lot of uses of the GEGLL - but I am 
gneuinely interested in knowing more about it. 



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