Hi again,

There are now only about 25 bugs with the -- milestone - thanks
to everyone who filtered these, there were several people
involved, in the end about 10 people helped filter these bugs in
the past couple of days. Thanks guys.

Anyway, before this starts sounding too American (apologies to
our US friends), there's stage 2 to be handled.


This is a list of the bugs now marked with the 1.3.x milestone.
Some of these are feature requests which have just been added to
the milestone. Others are bugs which have been on this milestone
for some time. Yet more are feature requests which have been on
the milestone for months or years.

Yet again, these need to be filtered. As before, bugs which
should be addressed for the stable release should be set to the
2.0 milestone, features which are easy to do (for example with
source code attached) or important should stay in this milestone,
and other features should be bumped to the Future milestone.

Currently, there are 106 bugs in that list. I would like to see
it reduced to somewhere around 30 so that we can start actually
getting features coded :)

So, once again, your help is needed. If you missed them the last
time, the instructions are simple. Go to bugzilla.gnome.org. If
you don't already have an account there, get one. If you need
permissions to modify milestones, please mail me directly. And
then pick a bug or two from this list, and if it needs moving,
move it to the right place.

Thanks again for all your help.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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