Hi again all.

This is getting amusing, almost...

Before you read on, there's an important part that you shouldn't
miss about 3 paragraphs down... make sure to read it before you
send this to the trashcan/rubbish bin/waste paper

Understandably, the going has been a little harder on bugs
milestoned for 1.3? but we have brought the total down from over
100 to under 80. The list is still available at this URL...

We still need to get this list smaller - somewhere around 30
would be workable. Many of these bugs really are low-hanging
fruit - there are patches outstanding to be considered and
committed in several bugs, several are no longer valid against
the 1.3 series, and more are straightforward bug reports which
can be moved to the 2.0 target. 

The tough ones to get rid of are the feature requests which are
still valid against the 1.3 series. There is a certain amount of
judgement to be made as to whether a feature gets bumped or kept. 

So if you get a second to help out, there's still some work to be
done (oh, by the way, there are now no bugs without a milestone,
you guys rock).

Now - here's the important bit. There are several features which
are definitely going to be considered before the feature freeze.
Over the next couple of days I am going to start posting these to
the devel list and asking for volunteers to take on the coding.

If a given feature is unclaimed, or no-one expresses an interest
in it, after 48 hours the bug will be bumped to Future. If
someone says they'd like to try to do the bug, they should add a
comment saying so to the bug in bugzilla, and change the status
of the bug to ASSIGNED (so that it can be filtered from features
which are not being worked on).

Hopefully this will lead to some features which are actually
quite straightforward getting done in the next couple of weeks,
and hopefully some of these bugs will be a nice introduction to
gimping for some coders who haven't worked on the gimp yet.

Thansk for your time, and don't forget, we still need your help.
15 minutes of your time filtering bugs makes a huge difference to
someone working on a big feature.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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